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Why 1:1 Technology? 

By: Dr. Alice Johnson, Superintendent

Implementing 1:1 Technology is important for students to be up to date with current technology, to graduate with 21st Century Skills and to simply add efficiency to the entire process of teaching and learning. 

As an educational leader, I have always tended to look at learning through the lens of brain development and coveted the literature on brain research, specifically Cognitive Neuroscience and Behavioral Psychology as the core of educational initiatives.  While all of the above reasons are sufficient for a rationale for implementing a one to one technology learning environment, I contend the real reason is to provide a learning environment for all learners that breaks down as many barriers to learning that humans and/or technology can crush. 

By providing students with the technology that allows them to experience curriculum delivered in a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) environment, teachers can eliminate an enormous number of barriers, which in turn, provides enormous potential for increased student achievement.  

Watch the following youtube link, UDL Presentation by J. Huskey.

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